The time is up...

The time is up                 
And game is over
Though I gave up
You lost, my lover!


My mind is free               
And I'm recharged            
There is no way
To set restart!
It was so hard
It was too sore           
My love is fade now     
I think it's late now...   


What if...

What if I love
But you don't care
What if I'm wrong
And you do care...

What if we lie
What if it's fake
What if we miss
What did we make?...

What if I leave
What if I run
What if I'll never come...

What if we love
What if we fear
What if we can forgive...

What if....

Moon (c)


I can't rename...

I've deleted all the conversations
Full of words that got me mad
I've removed all the images
That I stared twice a second...

I've removed all the memories
Even places and the songs
Even touches and the sense
Even you, your eyes and glance...

But I can't remove my heart
Full of virus of your name
And I can't remove my brain
There is a file I can't rename...

Moon (c)

My heart is damaged but not broken...

My heart is damaged but not broken
I still believe there is a chance
And though we both are breathing
We need to breathe without a fence...

You know I try to let you go
Out of my mind, out of myself
But every time I do so
You back again and I lose my strength...

I can't forget the smell of yours
Your voice, your hands...
Your bearded face...

And naughty glance...

Though I do my best...

Moon (c)


While I sleep

I feel you beside while I sleep
I feel your hands in my hips
And your breathes...
But when the sun starts shine
And when the day starts run
I wake up broken apart
And It hurts me so hard...
Moon (c)


Which is the right?

To move or to freeze?
To talk or to whist?
To run or to fight?
So which is the right?

I'm scared I'm confused
I'm shocked I got locked
Hint me how behave
Cause I'm feeling so naive...

Moon (c)

P.S. Sorry to love you ... cause you don't value what's you've given...

I feel it in the air..

To tell the truth
I suffered first
You were so fast
You did no rest

You made me trust
Myself and you
You made me burn
With love to you

You made me feel
That it is real
I got a fear
To lose you dear

I loved you blind
I loved you all
I love you still...

I feel it in my mind
I feel it everywhere
I feel it in the air..

I'm so sick to make my mind calm down...

Moon (c)


I was running fast more than a year
Running strait forward.
They were staring at me with a fear
Cause I walked with a sward...

But I've stopped suddenly
To take a look at you
I left all my weapon
To trust and believe in you...

I promised not to leave
Even far away
I promised just to love
Even far away...

Cause you've got me
And I've got you
And I'm not scared
Cause I'm so mad...

Moon (c)

They call it love..

They call it love..
I call it music...
They call it song..
I call it sound...
They call it noise...
I call it peace...
They call it nothing...
I call it something...
They call it boredom...
I call it frisk...
They call it madness...
I call it braveness...
They call it stupid...
I call it real...
They call it sense
I call it passion
They call it tension
I call it Love...

One thing and only...

Moon (c)